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All special in there own right. <New Who companions>

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All special in there own right. <New Who companions>

Post by Rostaria on 2011-07-02, 05:48

So have been thinking about all the main companions (not including Captain Jack, River Song (this pains me so much. I LOVE talking about how special River is), Mickey Smith and the assistants that starred in The Specials apart from Wilf.) and why they are all special in there own right.

Rose Tyler: She helped the Doctor pull away from the maniac that he was turning into in Dalek and she was the first assistant that I think he was actually falling in love with. She helped destroy the Daleks and The Cybermen.

Martha Jones:(Now most people know I am not fan of Martha at all but, she is special in her own way) She helped The Doctor get over Rose and she helped defeat The Master.

Donna Noble: The Doctors best friend. Also helped to defeat the Daleks

Wilfred Mott: Well I think everyone has a soft spot for Wilf. Even though he was the reason that 10th Doctor died he was still an amazing assistant.

Amelia Pond: The first person The 11 Doctor saw after he regenerated. I believe she has replaced Donna as his female best friend. Also gave birth to the amazing River Song

Rory Williams: He has sacrificed his life for The Doctor and he is The Doctors male best friend. Also he is the father to the amazing River Song.

So in my mind ALL the companion's have had a good impact on The Doctor.


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Re: All special in there own right. <New Who companions>

Post by timeinnerchild on 2011-07-02, 21:34

wow what a nice thread. This is such a breath of fresh air from the bitchy and arguing nature of fans and I agree with about 95% of it.



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