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Should Ianto stay dead.

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should Ianto stay dead.

Should Ianto stay dead. I_vote_lcap50%Should Ianto stay dead. I_vote_rcap 50% 
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Should Ianto stay dead. I_vote_lcap0%Should Ianto stay dead. I_vote_rcap 0% 
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Should Ianto stay dead. I_vote_lcap50%Should Ianto stay dead. I_vote_rcap 50% 
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Should Ianto stay dead. Empty Should Ianto stay dead.

Post by timewedanced on 2011-07-02, 03:51

Second attempt at posting. I wrote a decent paragraph. Pressed the wrong button and deleted it all. If the mods find it could you please delete it. Thanks.
So for some of us Torchwood returns on the 8th and there are calls already on some forums (I am not sure if I am allowed to list them here)for Iantos return. Personally I believe he has served his function and should stay dead.
Its nothing against him I really liked his characters but, I really dislike it when they bring back a character from the dead. This isnt a soap after all. ><.

I think I would be midly mad if they did bring back Ianto. This is a new show with many new characters. Lets just focus on that eh?


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Should Ianto stay dead. Empty Re: Should Ianto stay dead.

Post by timeinnerchild on 2011-07-02, 19:46

I voted No.
I was so furious when they killed Ianto off. Whoever did it didnt seem to have any regard for his fans. unlike when Tosh and Owen were killed we were at least notified about it but in Ianto's case we werent told about it at all. It was such a shock and I was very sad.

To be honest Ianto was an extremely popular character and I am of the mind he should return. I really dont see it happening but its nice to dream isnt it not?



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