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March 2021

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A "Not We" view on this series and other thoughts

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A "Not We" view on this series and other thoughts Empty A "Not We" view on this series and other thoughts

Post by Rostaria 2011-07-02, 06:00

So last night I was talking to my female best friend about Who. I hadnt seen her for about 4 weeks so I dont know what she thought about this series and now I do.

She loved the first two parter. Said it pulled her right into the story was shocked when The Doctor was killed and was even more astounded when the little girl regenerated. (She has never seen a girl/woman regenerate before)

She hated Curse. She is a massive Pirates of The Carribean fan

She said The Doctors Wife was fantastic but felt that Helen Borham Carter should have played Idris.

She really enjoyed The Flesh two parter and was really surprised to learn that Matthew Graham is not a very popular writer amongst fans.

She said that A Good Man was the best episode to date and that it had the right amount of everything. She especially loved the scenes between River and The Doctor at the end.

Then this is where the discussion got really fasinating. I asked her whether she knew that River was timelordish and she said yes! I asked her how and she said well she is a warrior isnt she? (Well the word she used was Amazonian) and I asked how that made you timelord and she got confused and said thats how Timelords were. Warriors.

(She hasnt seen any of the classic episodes I dont think)

I had to explain to her what Time Lords (as I understood it) were about. They werent warriors.

Anyway she did express a concern that it was too dark. (she has kids under 10) but over all she is really enjoying it.

A "Not We" view on this series and other thoughts Doctorwhoriversong

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A "Not We" view on this series and other thoughts Empty Re: A "Not We" view on this series and other thoughts

Post by timeinnerchild 2011-07-02, 21:32

Wow a lot of good points by your friend. I am glad there are other fans out there.



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