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Amy Pond-The Doctors Wife.

Black and White

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Black and White Empty Black and White

Post by Rostaria on 2011-07-02, 06:15

Has anyone actually noticed there seems to be a lot of blurring the lines going on: No one is black and white.

Silence: White: Guiding Humanity since the wheel and fire, encouraging Mankind to go to the moon. Black: Post hypnotic suggestion and blowing up innocent people to get there message across

The Doctor: White: A brave superhero who will intervene to help anyone and everyone. Black: Doesnt hesitate in blowing up things to get his message across. A warrior known to destory entire planets.

River: White: A loyal caring woman (amongst other stuff I could list here) Black: Someone who has been raised to be weapon to kill the Doctor

Madame K: White: Just wants to end a long and bitter war. Black: Well the list is long here but to name a few, kidnapping Amy, Kidnapping Melody, replacing them both with gangers, freaky science experiments and so on.

The point I am trying to make is Steven is playing an extremely trick game trying to make us think about what is evil and what is good.

Just to point out am not condoning anything Madame K has and will do.

Black and White Doctorwhoriversong

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