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Things have changed.

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Things have changed. Empty Things have changed.

Post by Rostaria on 2011-07-01, 10:09

Hi I am sure some of you have noticed quite a few changes. I will list and explain each change.
1. Warning level- You will now notice if you look at your profile that we now have a warning level system.
The levels are:
Things have changed. WarningBar-Gloss1 You have committed no infraction and your warning level is fine.
Things have changed. WarningBar-Gloss2 You have committed a level one infraction
Things have changed. WarningBar-Gloss2 You have committed a level 2 infraction
Things have changed. WarningBar-Gloss6sharp You have committed a level 3 infraction and your account is now banned.
At the moment everyone is full green.

2. New rules.
There have been 24 new rules added. You can read them here.

3. Categories, sub categories and forums.
You may have noticed that some forums and categories have disappeared. Some have been moved whilst other have been merged. This is to tidy the board. There is also two new boards in the general section.

4. The Advertisment section.
There is a secret hidden forum called the advertisement section. Here you can advertise and sell things. You can sell and advertise anything as long as its legal. to post you must fulfill at least two of the following requirements. Made at least 50 qualifying posts. (None of these can be made in the General or Newbie forum. Been a member for at least 30 days, Donated at least £5 to the board, referred at least 10 members to the board.) When you feel you have fulfilled two of the requirements PM a member of staff and they will investigate and give you decision usually in an hour.

5. Astrological symbols. In your profile if you update birthday you will see that you will have two astrological symbols. One is the normal zodiac and the other is the Chinese. You dont have to have it there its up to you.

I hope this covers everything!
If you have any questions respond to the thread here and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Things have changed. Doctorwhoriversong

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Things have changed. Empty Re: Things have changed.

Post by timeinnerchild on 2011-07-01, 13:53

huge amounts of changes. I like the warning system. I think it allows staff to keep an closer eye on staff.



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